About Ariel

Ariel is the name of a mischievous sprite in The Tempest by William Shakespeare. It is also: the 12th closest satellite of the planet Uranus; a variety of Arabian gazelle; a squirrel-like Australian marsupial; a Brazillian toucan; and a biblical name meaning "the lion of God".

The machine provides general interactive unix logins for University staff and affiliates.

Migration to Linux

On the 2nd of December, 2013, ariel was migrated from the Solaris operating system to Linux.

You will now need to log in to ariel using your central University password.

Things that haven't changed:

Things that have changed:


If you want your mail filtered through procmail, create a $HOME/.forward file with the following contents (verbatim, including all the single and double quote marks):

"|IFS=' ' && exec /usr/bin/procmail -f- || exit 75"

Personal Home Pages on Ariel

Users with ariel accounts are able to host personal home pages on the system.

To enable this you must make a sub-directory of your home directory named public_html.

$ mkdir $HOME/public_html

Files placed inside this directory are then accessible via a URL like:

You will need to make sure your file permissions are set to allow everyone read access, and your directory permissions are set to allow everyone execute access.

$ chmod o+x $HOME $HOME/public_html
$ chmod o+r $HOME $HOME/public_html/*

A file named index.html is searched for in a directory and served up for URLs ending in a slash.