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MTG Buying and Selling Guide

Here is my advice for MTG Traders...

MTG Card Collection

This WAS my collection - I have sold 99% of it :-)

Click to see what's left...

Conjure's MTG Card Grading Guide

  I've included this guide to be of assistance to both players and collectors:

Mint (MT) (100%)

  A card in this condition is not easy to find. Often near mint cards are mistakenly called mint. A mint card has no visible defects of any kind. This includes printed defects, including proper picture alignment. (Ed: and smells perfect! :-))

Near Mint (NM) (99%)

  A card in this condition is similar to a mint card except there may be one or two minor flaws such as a small edge ding only noticeable when inspected very closely. The flaws can not take away from the general appearance of the card. This condition represents how most cards appear from a newly opened pack.

Fine (FN) (90%)

  In this condition a card will show some wear around the edges from play or have several small dings. The edges may also have a small amount of grayness from handling. The general appearance is diminished only a little from the slight wear. This is normally the lowest grade a collector will accept for his/her collection and then only until one in better condition is acquired.

Good (GD) (75%)

  A card in this condition is best for players. Cards in this grade are usually used to trade to other players to play with. A card in this condition will have many defects, including printing errors, ink smears, scratches and slight swelling. The corners may have slight bends and the edges show definite wear.

Poor (PR) (25% or less)

  Cards in this condition are used only because of the difficulty with getting them replaced.
MTG Computer Game

  Microprose released a computer version of Magic the Gathering in 1997. This version allows you to build decks and play them one-on-one against the computer. You can also enter the world of Shandalar where you battle evil wizards and their minions while constructing your decks with cards acquired from duels/buying/selling/adventuring. There is a combined total of over 500 cards in the Basic set plus the 2 expansions (Spells of the Ancients and Duels of the Planeswalkers). The DoP expansion contains the basic set so you only need to buy DoP + SoA to have all the cards available in the computer version.

  In a word, the game is GREAT: the AI is generally very good and there are very few bugs in the game (nothing serious, make sure you get the patches from my link below). You can even play over the Internet. If you ever wanted to know what it's like to use 9 Timewalks in a deck, well here's your chance!

Here's an example of the final battle with Arkazon and the deck I eventually built.

Here's a list of magic bugs and quirks that my friends and I have found so far...

Patches for the computer version of Magic is available here as a jumbo patch (12.2M).
Note: Stuffit Expander is required

MTG Decks

Here are some deck combinations I like to play with:

Type I: Black/Blue/Red -- Wham! Bam!
Type I: Blue/White -- Rescue Me
Type I: Blue/Green -- Weenie Destruction
Type II: Red/Green -- Quick, nuke 'em!
Type II: Black/Blue -- The Midnight Hour

Deck Contributions:

Thank you to the following contributors:

Type II: Blue/Black Bounce! by Tom Augustinsen.

Type II: Green/White Conservation by Teddy Chong.

Type II: Green Nature's Army by Breits.

Red- Y2K by MJAMIA.

Black/Blue- Brain Damage by Snowboard.

MTG Expansions

Expansion Symbols
Visions - Full Spoilers
Mirage - Full Spoilers
Alliances - Full Spoilers
Homelands - Full Spoilers
Manifest Destiny - Unofficial Ideas...