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Current Releases: Ingres 11 Enterprise

Actian has released Ingres 11 Enterprise (RDBMS) Actian had released Ingres 10 version of their database (RDBMS) as Business OpenSource!

Available for Windows 32/64-bit, Linux 32-64, Mac OSX with Solaris/AIX/HP supported via Ingres 9.3/10.1

Enterprise versions require a commercial license, whereas Community Builds have a free GNU public license and must be compiled from the OpenSource.

The OpenSource version does not contain support for spatial objects or B1 security. To download the OpenSource tarball, look for Community Projects on their Electronic Software Distribution page.

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Ingres Environment at the University of Melbourne

   At Melbourne University, we had been using Ingres since the late 1980s for major systems such as Finance, HR and Student Administration (since moved to Oracle in the 2000s). There have been a large number of patches for our current version of Ingres, so keeping up-to-date is important! We had previously been using Ingres 6.4/05-06 for a number of years. An upgrade to Ingres II was completed in 2001 and then a subsequent upgrade to Ingres 2.6 on Solaris in 2005.

   Our development teams program in 4GL and Embedded SQLC. Personally, I have been using Ingres since 1991 as both a developer and a DBA. I was also a long-term consultant at other University affiliates such as the Australian Music Examination Board (Vic).

   User access to our Ingres systems consist of SSH terminal connections using Teraterm, WinQVT (both PC clients) or MacSSH, NiftyTelnet (Mac equivalents). Ingres keymappings can be tricky to configure due to the escape sequences involved.

   In recent times, we have opened up access to our Ingres databases via ODBC for the Unicard Student Cards system and via JDBC for the Oracle Portal using Toplink. This requires OS-authentication to be setup with Ingres as part of its C2 security compliance.

   Some of our clients use BI/Query from Hummingbird for generating adhoc SQL queries and reports with Ingres (BI/Query used to be called GQL when it was owned by Andyne). For the security conscious (i.e. not ODBC), I have successfully run BI/Query and GQL over an SSH tunnel connection. In recent times, using RazorSQL via JDBC is an easy way to connect to the database.

  Update: Melbourne University has replaced the administration systems for Finance, HR and Research) with Oracle Apps at a project cost of 42+ million AUS. In comparison, the current Ingres systems they replace were developed in-house at an estimated development cost of just 4 million (AUS) during a 10-15 year lifetime.

  Update #2: A new .NET/Oracle implementation of the Student System (StudentOne) from TechnologyOne has been evaluated and is due to be implemented at the University of Melbourne by May 2008 with a project budget of 23.1 million dollars! The recurrent costs are 4.477 million dollars and a half-yearly maintenance fee of $553,000 dollars! Source: MU Council Minutes, November 2006, Section 14.2

  Update #3: The existing Merlin system is in its fourteenth year of reliable service and has been upgraded to new Sun V890 hardware in conjunction with Solaris 10 zones. Most of our current processes are running two to three times quicker than previously, eg Admin_Stats processing has gone from two hours & 30 minutes to just 32 minutes! The database setup is Ingres 2.6/0305 with JDBC/ODBC enabled. We have worked through a number of bugs and are now running patch 12843 on our DR/test/production environments.

  Update #4: The Technology One implementation for a new Student System has been delayed by three months until at least September 2008 due to prototypes lacking required functionality and not being delivered according to schedule.

  Update #5: The Technology One implementation has been delayed again until at least 2009! If Merlin had been enabled with some front-end GUI web forms, this may have saved the Uni 20 million dollars in the short term ;)

  Update #6: The Technology One implementation has finally gone live on June 7, 2010.

  Update #7: I have compiled Ingres 9.3 Community Builds 151 & 160 (Opensource) and a test+production version of Merlin for Solaris is running very quickly on the new DBMS server with some stability issues. Now trying 10.1 Community Build 120.

  Update #8: 10.1 build 120 is proving far more stable than 9.3. Have three installations for Prod/Test/DR all working smoothly with no hiccups in four months of operation.

  Update #9: First hiccup on Production: mutex locking problem requiring installation restart. Messy. Will try internal threads (iislaves) via: ingsetenv II_THREAD_TYPE INTERNAL

  Update #10: Internal threads (iislaves) are working fine after 6 months in production. No noticeable performance hit. Happy DBA.
Ingres 10.1 Community Build 125 is now available.

Recent Updates to Ingres Database Reference

17 May 20: Updated link to Actian Software Distribtion (download software)
7 Nov 17: Updated link to Info-Ingres mailing list (thanks Roy Hann!)
29 Mar 16: Updated Actian Community groups link & other updates
9 Apr 14: Just seen Ingres 10S with Spatial support (commercial version)
8 Apr 14: Q&A search removed due to new web platform on my end.
8 Apr 14: 10.1 update: internal threads look good
11 Sep 13: 10.1 update: mutex locking problem
5 Mar 12: Added Planet Ingres
8 Feb 11: Updated Ingres 9.3/10.1 Community build notes (see Migration Guides)
3 Feb 11: Community Ingres 10.1 build for Solaris now working
22 Sep 11: Added Ingres->Actian news release
2 Aug 11: Updated many key Ingres links & clean up
15 Sep 95: Ingres Reference Created!

Ingres Technical Notes

   Here are some Ingres 6.4 Technotes from the $II_SYSTEM/ingres/advisor directory:

ABF Forms: Scoping Rules and Storage Classes
Aggregates in QUEL
Btree Implementation in Ingres
Bulk loading of Data
Changing Ownership of Databases and Database Objects
Copying a Database in the Same Installation
Floating Point Numbers
How to Add or Change your C Compiler for ABF/4GL
Ingres Rowcounts
Ingres/Vision System Catalogs
Interim Support for Copy From/Into Memory
Join Backs
Master/Multi-Detail Report Writer Techniques
Outer Joins
References on Database Design
Running Reports from 4GL
Switching Forms On and Off in Unix installations
Terminal State Management in the FRS
The Query Execution Plan (QEP)
Timezones - Changing Rules
Use of the COPYAPP Utility
Using ESQL and EQUEL Simultaneously in Release 6 3GL Applications
Using the "Users" File
Working with Date Fields

Please search the Ingres Knowledge Base site for more help.

Ingres FAQs

Ingres FAQ by Roy Hahn

   Ingres FAQ

Ingres 6.4->OpenIngres 1.2 FAQ by Tyler McGraw

   Ingres 6.4->OpenIngres 1.2

Ingres ODBC FAQ + Drivers

   Ingres ODBC FAQ 1.25 by Jon Machtynger (54K)
   Ingres 2.0/2.5 ODBC 2.8 driver for Windows
   DataDirect Connect ODBC Drivers
   ODBC Drivers - UCSG 1995 Review

OpenROAD FAQ by Pat McGibbon


Ingres Migration Guides

Ingres Migration (Upgrade) Guides

   Migration Guide for Ingres 9.3 PDF
   Migration Guide for Ingres r3 PDF
   Migration Guide for Ingres 2.6 PDF
   Migration Guide of 6.4 to Ingres II PDF

Ingres Community Build notes

   Ingres Community OpenSource 9.3/10.1 Build notes written by me, I recommend using 10.1

Ingres Newsletter

   The Ingres Newsletter (when published by CA) used to be E-News, before then it was formerly known as inquire_ingres

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